Camilla, on the cutting edge of technology

technical haiku

01. Haiku Fan (Optional Upgrade)

Confirmed by ENERGY STAR© as the most energy-efficient ceiling fan in the world, Haiku's Sensorless Drive Technology™ delivers nearly twice the efficiency of conventional ceiling fan motors. A thin, lightweight remote uses infrared signals to active ten unique control settings, including the exclusive Whoosh® mode to simulate natural airflow. Haiku's patent-pending Think Sheet™ airfoils span 60 inches and feature a unqiue aerodynamic profile, resulting in smooth, silent airflow. The fans are made of Moso bamboo, a sustainable resource.

technical green living

02. Green living

Natural vegetation not only looks good, it’s good for the spirit. Camilla abounds in greenery by providing communal gardens, which are automatically watered through water harvesting technology, and the wintergarden balconies with operable louvres to aid cross-ventilation.

technical transportation

03. Transportation

Residents are encouraged to take advantage of the convenient inner city location and utilise bicycles as a method of transportation. Each apartment will have easily accessible dedicated bicycle stores. Camilla also provides communal electric charging stations for electric and hybrid vehicles.

technical solar panels

04. Photovoltaic panels

Rooftop panels harness the sun’s energy to power all common areas, providing significant cost reductions to residents’ strata costs and reducing the building’s impact on the environment.

technical water harvesting

05. Water harvesting

Water is one of our most precious commodities. Camilla collects rainwater from the roof and feeds it into harvesting tanks to irrigate the communal gardens. This reduces the overall strata costs and lowers the carbon footprint of the building.

technical glazing treatment

06. Acoustic and thermal glazing treatment

Acoustic glazing ensures quieter apartment living for Camilla residents with the enclosable wintergarden balconies providing an additional acoustic barrier. Double glazing, where applicable, also reduces the apartments heating, cooling, and lighting costs significantly.

technical appliances

07. Efficient appliances

Induction cooktops are highly energy efficient, resulting in lower power bills and a healthier environment. LED lighting throughout the apartments not only provides energy efficiency and cost savings, but also has a long life span. Fully-ducted range hoods throughout the apartments offer the best performance by extracting the cooking fumes from the kitchen and expelling them to the outside air.