Camilla, designed for a sustainable future

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Responsible, sustainable development principles guided the selection of each and every component of the building in order to reduce energy consumption, water usage and long-term maintenance of the building.

Internal air quality is improved through the selection of low-emission materials. Passive engineering techniques using opening windows provide cross-flow ventilation ensuring reduced reliance on mechanical ventilation.

Water harvesting helps supplement the building’s water needs through rainwater collection tanks, plus Camilla uses photovoltaic panels to generate power for the common areas.

sustainability vertical garden

Sustainability Features

  • Emphasis on reducing energy consumption and water usage
  • Rainwater harvesting helps supplement the building’s water needs
  • High-efficiency taps, showerheads, toilets and optional upgrade dishwashers reduce water use
  • Low environmental-impact materials are used wherever possible including low VOC or zero emission materials, bio paints, and low allergenic polyester insulation
  • Windows are heavy-duty performance glazed and framed to reduce heat loss and minimise noise
  • Solar panels used to power common areas
  • Efficient LED lighting
  • Solar passive building orientation
  • High efficiency inverter technology used for air conditioning