Camilla, making you feel at home

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In each apartment, the focus is on light-filled spaces with high-quality finishes.

Every detail has been considered, including stone benchtops in the kitchen and bathrooms, quality stainless steel appliances, designer tapware, frameless and semi-frameless glass shower screens.

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Wintergarden balconies

Camilla features unique wintergarden balconies with a double-hung 10.38 glazing system coupled with operable louvres which allow you to fully close off the balconies when desired, or opt for partial or complete opening. The flexibility means the balconies can be utilized year-long, extending your livable space.

Our wintergarden concept activates the traditional balcony spaces and enables comfortable use throughout all seasons of the year and creating an indoor/outdoor space that uplifts the spirit.

Barry Baltinas, Architect
Baltinas Made
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Online Delivery Room

Camilla offers an Online Delivery Room on the ground floor for your mail and packages to be delivered and stored securely until you return home. Each apartment has its own dedicated storage accessed by a personal pin code.

Store Room

Selected apartments include a very generous individual private storeroom with roller door access, located at the end of individual carbays. This allows you to conveniently store personal belongings in a secure location. These storerooms are also large enough to fit another vehicle.

Bike Storage

Offering dedicated bicycle storage allows each owner secure, convenient facilities for recreational and commuter cycling. Camilla is located close to a dual lane bikepath which connects to the Perth foreshore development, South Perth and University of Western Australia as well as the scenic Kings Park, Northbridge, Leederville and the Perth CBD.


Herring Storer Acoustic Engineers have collaborated on Camilla to ensure your home is quiet and peaceful. The wintergarden enclosable balconies provide an acoustic buffer to your apartment and acoustic glazing and insulation systems to the party and perimeter walls achieve optimum sound insulation.